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Photo of owner and husband

Hi! I'm Amanda, home school mom of two and sensory connoisseur. 

My journey with sensory play started as a fun addition to our home school lessons but quickly transformed into a need within my own household. A son with sensory processing issues, among other neurodivergences, the addition of sensory diet became mandatory. I know when we hear the word diet, we think food, but a sensory diet is different. This could look like being rolled up in a rug, a pillow fight, or different tactile in a sensory bin. We use everything from oatmeal, rice, chickpeas, and more. 

As I began our journey into this unfamiliar world, I found out quickly that there were not a lot of resources for sensory seeking kids. So I had the thought if we were struggling to find the resources we needed, maybe others were too. 

I put my sensory bins out into the world, which led to play dough, and request for slime. I'm happy to now offer all three along with cute sets with your kids favorite characters at an affordable price. 

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