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Join Rider and the gang as they embark on exciting adventures to save the day in this Paw Patrol set. This interactive playset comes complete with multicolored rice, scoops, cups, and other add-ins, allowing kids to recreate their favorite Paw Patrol moments. Whether it's rescuing a stranded kitten or putting out a fire, there's no problem too big for this fearless group of pups. With the Paw Patrol set, kids can let their imaginations run wild and bring the action-packed world of Adventure Bay to life. Perfect for fans of the hit show, this playset is sure to provide hours of entertainment and imaginative play.


Add ins and characters may vary based on availbility. 

Paw Patrol

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Due to the nature of our bins, we do not accept returns, however you will receive a photo of your bin before pick up or delivery to ensure accuracy

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